Transvisions, 2009

This publication appeared in connection with the group exhibition ‘Transvision’s in Mechelen and Strombeek in 2009, at which Sabine Moritz exhibited seven oil paintings from 2008 and 2009. In addition to an introduction, curator Luk Lambrecht also wrote a text about Moritz’s work.

The catalogue presents the work of the 11 artists who took part in the ‘Transvisions’ group exhibition of 2009. Here Sabine Moritz shows a cross-section of her creative work from 2008/9 in the form of seven oil paintings of ships, helicopters, aircraft and still lifes with flowers. In his text, ‘On Representability’, Luk Lambrecht provides an introduction to the various themes of the pictures.


  • 2009

  • published by bkSM (beeldende kunst Strombeek / Mechelen)
  • Paperback
  • Flemish / English

  • 80 pages

  • ISBN 9789077193235

‘Transvisions – An Exhibition project under the armpits of a grand project ‘City Visions’, with reflections on place, artistic processes, experiment and community development’

Koen Leemans, Luk Lambrecht