Sea King, 2015

Sea King was published in conjunction with the book launch of German artist Sabine Moritz’s Helicopter at Serpentine Galleries and as a catalogue to a companion exhibition of the Sea King series. Originally derived from a simple black and white sketch, reproduced and painted over, the series comprises 41 individual works focussing on the global presence of the Sea King anti-submarine warfare helicopter, giving the series its name.

Previously explored in HENI Publishing’s title Helicopter, Moritz’s fascination with these aircraft has arisen from an awareness of a shift in the symbolic meaning of air travel since 9/11. Her highly evocative paintings and drawings are interpretations of images from newspapers and television that range from objective depictions to more poetic compositions, with each of the 41 works featured in this book.


  • 2015

  • HENI Publishing, London
  • Softcover
  • English

  • 88 pages

  • ISBN 9780993010385

‘I don’t know if the artist intended the title Sea King to be a play on words, but to me these images are all seeking truth and beauty in representation.’

Joe Hage, 'Foreword', in 'Sea King'