Sabine Moritz. Paintings and drawings 1991–2013,

The first overview exhibition of Sabine Moritz’s work from 1991 to 2013 was held at the Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle in 2014. The catalogue shows how the pictures were hung in five rooms, in line with the different phases and groups of her works. Texts for the catalogue were written by Beate Eickhoff, Magdalena Kröner and Jan Thorn-Prikker.

Remembered images in our minds influence our lives in the present – and Sabine Moritz also explores this topic in her paintings. In her images of helicopters and the Arctic, subjective imaginings, anxieties and desires seem to determine depicted reality. These may be so powerful that a helicopter in the sky or a ship on the sea are transformed by the artist’s vision into many-layered objects that are difficult to grasp. Sabine Mortiz’s ‘Lobeda’ and ‘JENA Düsseldorf’ cycles of works (1991–94) reflect a search to define oneself even in the context of the anonymous architecture of East and West German post-war buildings. In addition to early drawings, the publication gives a thematic overview of Moritz’s work in recent years.


  • 2014

  • Published by Buchhandlng Walter König, Cologne
  • Paperback
  • German

  • 102 pages

  • ISBN 9783863355319

‘The painter continues to develop her work with history at her back and open eyes for the images of the present.’

Dr Gerhard Finckh, Director