Neuland, 2017

This publication documents the 2017 exhibition of the same name (meaning ‘new land’) at the Kunsthalle, Bremenhaven, with several installation photos and reproductions of works. The opening speech by Steffen Haug, and a foreword by Kai Kähler, were also printed.

The book simulates the exhibition in the legendary gallery building, the ‘Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst’ (‘cabinet for contemporary art’). The installation photos help the reader understand the layout of the rooms. They are followed by the opening speech by Steffen Haug and the ‘Berlin’ series, the coloured lithographs ‘Sea Kings’ (2014–17), ‘Ghost Town’ (2016) and ‘Neuland’ (2017), mostly illustrated with small, conventional reproductions of the works. The matter-of-fact catalogue, which eschews details, shows the artist’s extraordinary development as a painter.


  • 2017

  • Published by Buchhandlng Walter König, Cologne
  • Paperback
  • German

  • 82 pages

  • ISBN 9783960982159

‘The Neuland exhibition, therefore, gives us an overview of a complex system of relationships in Sabine Moritz’s work. It shows snapshots of a working procedure that has been captured in the act of changing and evolving.’

Steffen Haug