Lobeda, 2021

Created in 2010, the book of the ‘Lobeda’ series of drawings has long been out of print, and has now been republished in an expanded form.

The publication of this book was the result of a happy accident. In winter 2009, during a visit to the artist’s studio in Cologne by a group that included Hans Ulrich Obrist, a stack of drawings in A3 and A2 format was lying unnoticed in a folder on a table. Lobena is a prefab estate near Jena, where Sabine Moritz spent her childhood and youth until 1985, and in these drawings, as in a diary, she looks back on it many years later as a student in Offenbach and Düsseldorf – the big blocks of flats, the playground, the kindergarten, the school, her flat, her father’s laboratory.


  • 2010
  • Published by Buchhandlng Walter König
  • Paperback
  • German / English

  • 234 pages

  • ISBN 9783885607348

Available at Marian Goodman Gallery

‘These drawings were produced in 1991–92 during my student years in Offenbach and Düsseldorf. The originals are in A4 and A2 format. They are drawn from memory and relate to my surroundings in Lobeda, Jena, where I lived until 1985.’

Sabine Moritz