Limbo, 2006

This short catalogue was produced in 2006 for Sabine Moritz’s first solo exhibition at the Andrew Mummery Gallery in London.

The catalogue reproduces works that Sabine Moritz made in 2005 and presented at the exhibition – oil paintings of aircraft, helicopters, ships and war scenes based on photographs, as well as still lifes produced in the studio. The gallery owner Andrew Mummery also provides an introductory text.

  • 2006

  • Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
  • Paperback
  • English

  • 40 pages

“At a time when much of contemporary painting contents itself in finding a style, an eye-catching ‘look’ and ticking all the right conceptual, thematic and theoretical boxes, what is striking and rewarding about spending time with Sabine Moritz’s paintings is that each one, whether it is an elusive still-life, or more explicit image of battlefield, is a unique locus of experience. They confirm a faith in the human capacity for feeling and meaning, and for their expression.”

Andrew Mummery