Flowers, masks, skulls, 2016

The stimulus for the cycle of pictures in this exhibition was a still life by Georges Braque. Exhibited for the first time, the still lifes on canvas and paper are shown in the catalogue in combination with earlier drawings of flowers, which are accompanied by a text by Erika Kolitsch.

The catalogue shows works that were displayed in the exhibition ‘Flowers, masks, skulls’ at the Galerie Haas, Zurich, in 2016. Sabine Moritz painted a cycle of seven still lifes, inspired by Georges Braques’ canvas ‘Compotier aux trois pommes’ of 1941, which were displayed as an ensemble in the gallery. The oil paintings were complemented by earlier series of drawings with amaryllis and Christmas rose motifs and a new series of oil sketches using a mask, giving a general impression of this group of works in Moritz’ oeuvre.

  • 2016

  • published by the Galerie Haas, Zurich
  • Hardback
  • German

  • 40 pages

‘It is a return to the well-known and familiar in order to see it with new eyes and give it a more sophisticated form adapted to the new moment in time – and a new space.’

Erika Költzsch